The Ugly Railing Gets A New Sweater


I’ve made a lot of noise on Facebook about our Elting Library Yarn Bombing project, so apologies for the redundancy. We had fun, lots of fun. The knitters and crocheters around here are fantastic. I called for 5″ x 40″ strips,and we made them, bunches and bunches of them, not to mention felted hearts, knitted birds,tassels, and crocheted flowers. The Elting Library railing now elegantly sports our efforts. She’s a real head turner. I know when we take it down she’ll be sort of naked, until we get used to her being a plain old railing again. What happens to all those strips of knitting? Well, the survivors will be made into blankets for the library to sell at their annual auction. We even thought we might make dog and cat beds for the local shelter out of all the leftovers. I absolutely hate wasting anything. And, I absolutely love it when things have multiple lives or uses. Actually, one of the best things about this project was how many things it accomplished all at once. It’s always good when your altruistic side aligns with your complete silly side. Yarn bombing, It’s a good way to get in trouble and stay out of trouble all at the same time. Now, I love that.








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