The Earth’s First and Foremost Fiber Artists

On a misty morning walk, not too long ago, my feet were swept along by the sheer beauty of it all. Glistening drops of dew clung to blades of grass, tops of rocks, and edges of dryed up leaves and twigs. Then, in just the right light, from just the right angle, the work of some of the earth’s most exquisite fiber artists was revealed.

Born of countless hours of secreting some sort of sticky substance, tirelessly crafting with singular purpose these deadly nets, I bow to these spiders. They really are our first and foremost fiber artists.

And as I looked more carefully at each web, they all seemed to embody the personality of their maker. I know that seems crazy, but there were definitely some webs that had more of a fastidious quality and others that had that ‘good enough’ look. Now those of you who are knitters and crocheters know what I mean. It’s that moment when you realize you’ve made a mistake six rows back, when you come up against the ‘fastidious’ you, or the ‘good enough’ you. It’s comforting to know we share this with the spiders, our fiber forerunners, authors of such exquisite beauty. I bow to them.

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