Step by Step

The only way to start, is to well, just start. This is my very first blog post and needless to say, I am excited. I am excited about communicating with you, whoever you are out there. We share stuff. I’m sure.

I do a lot around here. I tend the sheep, I tend the chickens, I tend the garden, I tend my family, I tend the shop, and I try to remember to tend myself. I do all this joyfully, willing, most of the time. Today, I had one of those space time continuum gliches, that is to say, I was feeling overwhelmed and not particularly joyful. Why not? I do a lot. We all do a lot. When this happens, I take a walk. I live near the gorgeous Shawungunk Ridge, the Gunks or Ridge for short. The Ridge is chocked full of walkable, beautiful trails. It is a kind of Disneyland for rock climbers and hikers. It is my personal, very low cost therapy ( memberships to the Mohonk Preserve are pretty reasonable). When I put one foot in front of the other, listen to the crunch of gravel under my boots, and notice my heart rate climbing I start to develop a kind of myopia. All that matters is the next step. I force myself to look down. Once in a while I peek up at the trail ahead, just so I don’t go tumbling over the edge of something awful. ( It would kind of make this whole exercise a moot point.) Anyway, today I noticed that each crunchy step had it’s own delightful unique quality, a kind of music. I settled into a rhythm, and in about 5 thousand steps (give or take a few), the world came right. The lesson, again, was simple. One step at a time, that’s it. Got it? I got it. I went back home and tended. I even decided to start this blog, one more thing to tend, willing, joyfully. I must be out of my mind, she said smiling.

step by step and the crunch of gravel




3 Responses to “Step by Step”

  1. amy

    Such beautiful words to start a blog! I look forward to any ruminations you share in the future and I heartily agree with the therapeutic value of walks.

  2. vicki morgan

    Even though I don’t participate much in your knitting groups, somehow for me your shop is the crunch beneath my boots.


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