Keeping Up With Comet

Comet has been busy. As the bottle fed baby of the flock (meaning he’s not shy of humans), he has become the head ambassador of ovine good will.

Here is at his first official photo shoot. Cal Patch is holding him while photographer Richard Smith snaps away. He was so relaxed (too relaxed) he even fell asleep on her lap. Perhaps someday we will see his head photoshopped in somehwere very unsheepish. (Richard was collecting shots for photo retoucher). photo (330)

He has been entertaining knitting groups from near and far. These lovely people are from the wilds of New Jersey. Lots of lamb love!

photo (331)

He’s even snuggled a few well known knitwear designers. Here he is with Stephen West and

photo (333)

Heather Dixon of Army of Knitters (a local fav).

photo (332)

Busy,busy,busy. It’s never to early to protect your fleece with a fine canvas coat.

photo (334)

And as far as Comet is concerned, it’s always a good time for a bottle. In a couple weeks I’ll have to start the weaning process. Yay, and not yay. It goes so fast. I’ll keep you all posted.

photo (335)





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