I Really Really Hope He Likes It

My son is going off to college and I am making him a blanket. I have a color palette, a concept (stripes), and 20 days.

cams blanket 1

It’s a risky thing knitting for someone else, especially an offspring. I’ve made my kids a few things over the years – only after exhaustive color and style research, mostly hats. They appreciate them, wear them for a while, and then somehow they wind up in the dryer and shrink to the size of a large grapefruit.

shrunken hat

This is the main reason I now carry superwash yarns in the shop. I resisted for years because of the extra processing it takes. However, my empathy for all the knitter’s anguish and shrunken gifts of the world won out.

cams blanket

I am mainly knitting the blanket in Berroco Vintage Worsted , a time tested wool and acrylic blend that you can supposedly throw in the dryer, although I never recommend it. Cast on 30 stitches on a number 7 needle and you get a 7″ square. I have 20 days to make about 30 more squares and then put it together. Totally doable. I don’t go anywhere without my knitting. I have a little project bag I fasten to my waist or hold on my wrist. I reach down and knit a row or two whenever there is a minute. So, if you catch me knitting while I’m talking to you, sorry, I’m not trying to be rude. I’ve just got a deadline.

me knitting

I’m a knitting mom. How could I not knit a momento of home for my kid? I have a fantasy that after a long a frustrating day in the studio (he’s going to RISD, an art school) he’ll come back to his room and get some comfort from his stripey blanket, although probably not. If I remember correctly, a beer usually did the trick. Oh well, I can dream. He’s my first, and it’s hard to let go. Ugh.

Cam modeling one of my hats

Cam modeling one of my hats

So nothing left to do but knit a lot of love and good advice into that blanket and send him on his way. I really, really hope he likes it!

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