Oh you are a great mama in the Obermyer suit! And to think, you are right in fashion these days! Yesterday I was at a store in Brattleboro, VT and a bunch of ski traffic came through, families and kids heading back to the cities and stopping to buy overpriced sandwiches. They have the BRIGHTEST colors in ski-wear now -wow!
Anyway, back to your lambie – we had a “granny nanny” steal a lamb last year from another mom, then when she finally did birth her own twins, she rejected the first-born within an hour of having her. So, Aisling became our bottle-lamb. It was difficult to understand, but if we hadn’t taken her in and fed her(literally took her in as she slept in my bed with me!), then she would’ve died. Now she’s the friendliest little gal, and she and her mom get on fine, though her mom does not claim her.
We all wonder that maybe she thought she couldn’t handle three, for nursing, so she rejected Aisling as Aisling was the biggest/healthiest. We were flummoxed.

This year I am taking huge precautions against anyone granny-nannying again, in case I can beat it all to the punch.

I hope that the rest of lambing goes well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.