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We are a small fiber farm (with a bunch of chickens) located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The farm is home to a growing flock of registered cormo sheep.

They are renowned for their incredibly soft fleece, perfect for all types of fiber work.

Every fall we enter into breeding season, in the hopes that after five months gestation, the farm will become home to a host of healthy sweet smelling lambs. We do our best to insure this by feeding top quality hay and feed to the flock through the winter. Before the lambs are born the sheep are sheared.

The fleece is either sent off to become roving or yarn. Some is kept behind for spinners who like to prepare their own fleeces.During the summer the flock spends much of its time grazing on fresh forage. On the farm we practice rotational grazing, which simply means we change their pasture often. This method promotes the health of the animals and the pasture.

There is truly nothing like watching a flock of contented sheep grazing happily on a summer’s eve.