Dear Little County Fair

Dear Little County Fair,

I want to apologize for ever having made fun of you. Yes, you are basically hokey and unsophisticated. And yes, I always feel fleeced by the questionable guy running the squirt gun game, and don’t even get me started on your love affair with all things dipped in hot grease. Maybe it’s hormonal, maybe it’s because I won a prize, but I had a change of heart this year.

fried is always better.

photo (498)

Why do I appreciate you now? Well… because you you are unapologetically what you are. You believe that kids who raise chickens are cool, that there is no such thing as a silly hat, that the aroma of the cow barn on a hot day is exquisite, and that everyone could benefit from a peaceful turn on the ferris wheel. Life can be uncomplicated and fun, if only for a few hours on a summers eve.

cool kid.

photo (499)prizes!

photo (500)

you can never have too manyphoto (501)I wasn’t brave enough to take this (502)what goes up…photo (503)nuf said photo (504)first car, a fire engine photo (505)ahhhh photo (509)chain saw genius photo (511)yes… photo (512)pig love photo (513)my prize winning shawl photo (517)Thank you Ulster County Fair 2013, New Paltz New York


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